I. Family Kuhaylana Ajuz

1. Nijm GzH (Waseem Mouraad x Nazeerah II), black stallion, Rappenhengst

We are very happy having found a special nobel breeding stallion for our stud with Nijm GzH Nijm was awarded with a silver ribbon at the stallion license in Germany and placed second on his first outing at the British National Championships - that means he was awarded best over all pure breds in his class in showjumping!!!. The first foals of him have already been born.

Nijm is SCID-free and homozygot.


II. Family Kuhaylan Jellabiet

1. Khaled GzH (Khaled el Assuad x Khayat Bint Bint Kayed),black stallion, Rapphengst, 02.02.2006